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bhanuka harischandra

Chief Growth Officer

Great! So you want to join us. Our family, our cult, our bandwagon of misfits and nerds. There are three things that you need to understand before you can truly be a part of the team.


We’re a new kind of media company. A group of people that want to re-imagine the way that stories are told. People that get bored of advertisements, sponsored content people that understand how important the underlying math really is.

We’re young, energetic and vibrant. We see everything as content, and we make sure it’s out there. The degrees you hold and your age doesn’t bring anywhere enough value as the stories you’ve told and the work you’ve done. We respect hard work, passion and more than anything else, the eagerness to learn.

In a world where everything changes with a swipe, click and snap, we need you to be versatile and able to adapt.


We believe that information should be shared, not hoarded. Come in with the willingness to learn and to teach. If you know something better than others, share. Everything from strategies to salaries are open to everyone, inside and out of the company.

We believe pay is directly proportionate to talent, effort and loyalty (in that order). People join Surge for more than money. It’s a way of life and working that we proudly say is different from everyone else.

Come to work, meet amazing people and have an amazing time.


We hire people with the inclination of learning something new. The industry we exist doesn’t have a set path to follow. There’s trial and error. We want you to go through that cycle before you join us.

We believe that degrees aren’t everything and we have a soft spot for those who self-learn. Build a foundation of knowledge before applying.
Complete three different modules.

– Google Partner Program (Complete Google AdWords/analytics certification)
– Facebook Blueprint (Complete certification)
– Hubspot Academy (Complete inbound academy)

Regardless of whether you’re coming in as a Creative, Analyst or someone to drive culture, we believe that a fundamental understanding of digital is necessary. This helps us test whether your inquisitiveness is that of substance or fluff.

If you’ve got all of that down, we’re ready to talk.

bhanuka harischandra

Chief Growth Officer
Bhanuka is a self taught marketer and the founder of Surge Global. Despite his parents displeasure of him not becoming a doctor, Bhanuka has led digital strategies for multi-billion dollar organizations across the world, raised numerous rounds of funding, built multiple successful ventures and currently sits on the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list.

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