Built on passion and ingenuity

We are a group of creatives, writers, developers and filmmakers that look to make change in an ever adjusting landscape through distribution and insight.
Our eccentric team of creatives has an imagination that conjures great stories and a set of tinkerers that innovate to build a truly unique digital marketing powerhouse.

We are Surge Global.

Our Core Capabilities

Whether you’re building a SaaS app or Coffee Shop, we can fit right in.

Marketing Strategy

Build experiences and engage with your audience. With billions of clicks and impressions around the world, we understand what works and what doesn’t.

Social Media Management

We improve your conversions by conversation. Technology is utilized to understand how and why, the interaction between the audience and the brand is created.

Search Marketing

We’ll help you get listed on Google. To get to the top of your niche, we’ll find great keywords and create valuable content that organically grows in value over time.

Conversion Optimization

Our strategies focus on retaining and converting visitors into leads. We’ll utilize A/B split testing, user testing to optimize engagement and maximize conversion.

Content Marketing

Deliver the content created and distribute it to the right people through the right channels. Build traffic from either guest posts or focus on building your own audience base.

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Distribution of your content is important. Whether you’re running ads on platforms like Google, Facebook or any DSP, we’ll help you set up, execute and manage digital campaigns.

Website Design

Your website represents the online presence of your brand. We focus on UI and UX design to ensure user accessibility and to optimize the website for conversions.

Email Marketing

We provide value to your existing user base by distributing personalized content. Using data driven customer acquisition strategies, your mailing list is converted into paying customers.

Creative Design

The design of your creatives will be tailored to fit your brand, and allow your audience to interact. Creatives will be designed for distribution on each platform.

Videography & Motion

Starting with creating a storyboard, we figure out a style that fits your brand. We bring ideas that tell powerful stories and bring your brand to life.

Marketing Engagement

Before we start working with your brand, and create concepts to represent you, we need to understand it. Our engagement methodology to study your brand is structured to improve communication, set a vision and to define goals. This process is separated into three segments;



An initial meeting is conducted to understand your marketing requirements, and how we can assist you with positioning your brand. Key performance indicators are defined.



A complete marketing plan is designed by us, to build and manage your online presence. The necessary tasks and skillsets required for execution are specified.



Streamlined processes will be allocated to complete the set objectives in realistic timelines.

Tell your story

Our services help global brands tell their story through amazing content & analytics.