Authentic Storytelling at Scale

Avocado helps brands turn customers into creators. The platform incentivizes people to capture content on behalf of their favorite brands through a simple, hassle-free loyalty program that helps brands create fresh stories while driving revenue.

Generate More Loyal Customers
Avocado members tend to visit the same stores more frequently to gain and maintain memberships, driving frequency and revenue for partners.
Create High-Quality Content

The platform is designed to review and upgrade the quality of the content generated by your creators.

Storytelling That’s Authentic

Content created on Avocado is a true representation of your business captured by your customers, employees and advocates of your brand.

Increase Margins and Profitability

We charge 0% commissions and no transaction fees on your products, you pay only for the content you generate.

Improve Your Brand Awareness
Every creator on the Avocado platform is a potential loyal customer of your brand that’s waiting to buy.
Community Manager Support
Brands that use Avocado can also opt in to our extended services to help manage your social communities.

A content driven
rewards platform for
millennials like you.

Avocado helps you utilize the unnecessary amount of snaps you take before every $30 brunch, beach cabanas or #retailtherapy

“Surge has come onboard and really helped us understand our market, the competitive landscape, and through that we have gotten clarity on our strategy and how we can take this business to the next level.”

Yvonne Balfour

Chief Marketing Officer, Ultimate Finance

“The strategy services delivered by Surge, through their Blueprints, have become an integral part of helping us understand how to choose and execute, digitally, on the projects we engage in.”

Mark Brown

VP Marketing, Shorelight Education

“They would push until their point was made and, often, it was valid and I benefited from their experience. I’d use them again in a heartbeat, my only hesitancy is that when people find out, we’ll have to wait in line.”

Ted Miller

Chief Executive Officer, PromptHealth

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