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Keeping Australia’s oldest agricultural company ahead of the herd in digital

The Australian Agricultural Company (AACo) has been passionately perfecting the Art of Australian Beef since 1824. The company is one of the world’s largest Wagyu herds, roaming over 6 million hectares of pristine Australian pasture.

The company exports its premium Wagyu under multiple luxury brands, to distributors across the United States, Taiwan, Singapore, Dubai, and beyond. AACo has a unique value proposition of being one of the only producers able to fulfill its promise of producing luxury branded beef at scale.

Understanding the value of consumer behavior and data in decision making

AACo is committed to producing the best product, that provides the ultimate memorable dining experience. The company invests into innovative techniques and technology to ensure continued improvement in cattle production.

In 2017 Bill Gates visited an AACo Station on behalf of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill and his team wanted to understand how AACo technology was being used to better raise, monitor and optimize cattle production in harsh environments and how it can be implemented in rural parts of the world.

The beginning of a customer-centric journey of building the world’s best luxury brands

Surge Global worked alongside the AACo team to share the message of innovation with customers across the world, achieving over 100,000 impressions and driving increased traffic for the business.

This was the first partnership between Surge Global and AACo.

Today, Surge continues to collaborate with AACo to understand behaviors of Chefs, restaurant owners and decision-makers that inform global marketing and social media campaigns. This includes managing all of the AACo web properties, integrating marketing data, analytics and consumer behaviours.

Surge works alongside the marketing team at AACo by increasing capabilities, building synergies and pushing the boundaries of what is perceived to be a traditional industry.

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