How a brand facelift helped an oculo-plastic surgeon grow his business online


Getting surgery can be an anxious process for the patient–they’re worried about how safe the surgery is and whether the results of the procedure meets their expectations. Dr Myint, a board certified oculo-facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, wants to change this. According to him, it shouldn’t be a stressful experience, but one to enjoy.

For this to happen, Dr. Myint encourages a trusting environment where his patients can ask many questions as possible, be informed, and understand the risks and limitations. When Surge met Dr Myint, clients were finding him only through word of mouth. However, other surgeons in the field were leveraging social media channels to directly engage with their patients and make them feel comfortable, even before they visit their clinics.


Contrary to his real life personality, Dr Myint’s online brand had little to no personal engagement with the audience. The team listened to people’s challenges with cosmetic surgery, and about what they wanted to hear to ease their concerns.

Surge helped build the foundation to prepare his personal brand to engage with his audience online. The website was completely revamped to educate potential clients on oculoplastic and reconstructive surgery.


Surge transformed a traditional brand into a conversational one, launching the new website to coincide with Dr Myint being featured on the cover of ‘MyVegas’ magazine. The website jumped from not generating any business, to 22 new leads in the first month of the new site going live. It was the “facelift” he needed.