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How this blogger is launching products and generating over $1,000,000 in revenue

Dave Chesson is the founder of , a niche marketing blog that helps authors write better books. Dave’s blog talks about how to find topics for books, understand how to use tools and build up audiences to successfully launch them. He has perfected the art of writing books for audiences by writing different books in various categories, from children’s literature to clinical exam guides under multiple pen names.

Dave is a former US military, as well as a dad. He wanted to use what his learnings to build a system to help his audience write better books and for him to spend more time with his family.

Dave knew his market, the problems and how to fix it

Having turned the art of launching books down to an exact science, his businesses were dependent on writing these books and other affiliate revenue streams. The idea of building a software to automate a book writing process was something that he wanted to do for a long time. He came to Surge with the concept of building a marketing tool.

With his in-depth understanding of the market, Surge was able to iron out the minimum viable version of the tool. Majority of all books that were self published happened on Amazon’s platform KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing).

Surge partnered to develop, launch and manage the product

The team worked closely to understand the market, and build a tool that solved the problems that Dave knew authors were having. Three months later, the beta version went live; a tool that uses Amazon’s search data, keyword data, consumer behavior and proprietary algorithms to help authors understand how many books they will sell before writing it.

By empowering authors with, they were now able to understand demand, niche categories and how much revenue competitors were generating, to help make informed decisions on writing titles, descriptions and generating ideas for books.

The product’s success opened up new opportunities with new features along the way

The first version of KDP Rocket was launched in 2016, and has currently generated over $1,000,000 – growing at a rapid pace with over $750,000 in the last nine months. The team at Surge are actively working together with Dave to build out Version 2.0 of KDPRocket to be launched in early 2019 with more features, different markets and a complete overhaul.

The team is now working together to build out, a marketing tool that helps authors manage book revenues on different markets to understand how to improve.

With the team at Surge managing ongoing development, Dave’s software is on autopilot

Dave is now a prominent figure in the self publishing world, being interviewed in prominent podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire and the Niche Pursuits. He now has more time to spend with his three kids and is excited to build out powerful software without having to worry about development, support and growth.

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