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The Rising Tides of a Niche Market


Playing in a niche in which services are complex and demand is limited, Masterdivers needed a way to secure prospective new clients efficiently. Their work within the in-water and offshore maritime services space was of global standards, but they struggled to get in new clients, losing market share to competitors who were quick to understand the value of digital marketing. Due to the niche nature of their work, competition was fierce.

Realizing that the digital space was becoming a “make or break” factor in their industry, Masterdivers looked for someone who could help them successfully set sail.


Visibility is key, understanding this, Surge began its work by first looking to fully understand Master Divers current digital presence and how it ranked up against its competitors. This research led to the creation of a strategy report which allowed both Masterdivers and Surge to understand what needed to be done and how execution should be carried out to maximise impact while maintaining a profitable cost per acquisition. Targeted paid media campaigns and strategically ranking for keywords became the backbone to help Masterdivers re-establish itself in the forefront of the industry.


With a new website, a focused and evolving PPC and SEO strategy and a greater understanding on the value of the digital space, Masterdivers is seeing an upswing in lead generation—which will not only allow it to recapture lost share but also venture into new territories.

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