An algorithm to calculate publishing revenue


Becoming a bestselling author is challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. An online education company, Self Publishing School, focuses on educating ambitious writers on how to publish and market their first book. Their proven system has helped over 4,000 people to date.

They wanted to build a book profit calculator to provide additional value to their audience and help them plan ahead on their writing career. This tool would help aspiring authors calculate how much profit would be generated from their books and the steps they would need to take to achieve their desired level of income.


Surge deployed a full stack team to understand the requirements of the tool, what factors were involved to calculate the profit generated, and what changes needed to be made to the existing infrastructure of their WordPress website. After multiple strategy sessions with the Self Publishing School team, Surge helped build a custom WordPress plugin for the book profit calculator.


The book profit calculator was fully developed, from an idea to a product in 10 working days. It is currently helping Self Publishing School generate more leads, convert customers and add extra value to its readers.