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Re-tracing digital roots for robust scalability


Everyone can become a great writer. It’s not just about talent, but getting into the habit of practicing writing every single day. With that belief in mind, Joe Bunting started his website, “The Write Practice” to help aspiring writers around the world become published authors. Today, it is a community of over 10 million people learning to become better writers.

As the community grew, his website needed to scale. However, when the developer who built his website decided to leave the project with no transfer of knowledge, the writing was truly on the wall.


To tackle this, Surge deployed a full stack team to support Joe. We spent four months understanding the dynamics, and documenting the findings – so that any team that comes after Surge can still help the website grow. This involved QA testing every detail to make sure the website is robust and scalable.


‘The Write Practice’ is now ready to transform into one of the world’s largest communities of writers. And more importantly, Joe can focus on it’s future instead of worrying about its foundation.

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