Today would’ve been like most other days. An average Tuesday evening at home writing a blog post while sipping on one too many cups of coffee. What makes today different is something that most of us really didn’t foresee coming.

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Surge is located in the island of Sri Lanka. Once a hub for global tourism that has just gone into lock-down after the spread of COVID-19. Over the next two weeks, all incoming passengers to the country have been put on hold as the country prepares for a lockdown.

In times of turmoil, we as employers have a responsibility to ensure our teams are looked after and the business has the ability to pull through, so the show must go on. We’ve spent the last couple of days shutting down our offices and moving our entire team remote work environment to be able to deliver work to our customers around the world as we look at the entire global economy slowly steering towards a crater.

We’re one of the lucky ones, Surge specializes in augmenting marketing capabilities for business around the world. Surge provides digital marketing, content, creative and analytics services to our customers, to help them generate leads and beat their competition. We’re not beholden to infrastructure other than the devices we use coupled with an internet connection. After exploring a plethora of tools from group chats, video conferencing to project management, we are starting to understand that some businesses are better prepared than others to mitigate these environments.

The survey below is a list of questions that we have compiled to ask our readers, customers and businesses around the world what steps they’ve taken to combat pandemic environments. Of course, with a focus on marketing and business growth.

We appreciate your support in helping us gather this information, in return for taking part in this survey we’d like to share our learnings and insight to understand where you stand against the rest of the world, and what you can do to better position yourself to grow.