How Surge created over 650 pieces of content in a month

Sandra Speering

Community Manager

Did you know that by 2021, businesses have grown by 24% because they leveraged social media lead generation? Social media has a big impact on any organization in generating leads and growing businesses.

This is why content is important. But most importantly, organic content. These “leads” can mean hiring employees, and obtaining sales and new customers for your business.

Surge Global, together with Avocado, the content driven loyalty platform, collaborated to carry out a campaign to encourage its employees to capture pictures of the work they do, of them working, and working from home, to generate an influx of content — during the period of which they were working from home.

WORK on Avocado

Here’s how it works. Avocado, in summary, is a platform that enables users to upload images to their favorite restaurants and retail stores in exchange for discounts for the purchases they make. The pictures uploaded will be rated from 1 to 5 stars. These stars allocate points which will help the user earn various discounts.. To learn more about the details and basics of avocado, check our blog on…

The whole new B2B feature on Avocado “WORK” gives the opportunity for organisations, businesses, and corporations to sign up as a partner and enable its employees to upload pictures of the work they do, their workplace, fellow employees, and the organization culture on Avocado. In exchange they can earn discounts from the restaurants and retail stores on the platform.

How will WORK be beneficial for an organisation?

Did you know that 39% of employees feel underappreciated at work and 77% claim that they would feel more motivated to do better if they were recognized for their efforts?

B2B function on avocado gives organizations an opportunity to uplift their employees and keep them engaged. Moreover, it also helps them create a new experience to their company work culture and easily incentivize or reward employees.

That’s not all, leveraging employee generated content through avocado can benefit organizations in many ways such as:

1. Employee Engagement

WORK on avocado creates a space for employees to share their work experiences through a form of a photo or video — at the office, field work, work from home, work trips, and more. Over time, this encourages employees to be engaged with the organization and get incentivized depending on the quality and quantity of content they share.

Companies can also host work giveaways and competitions under the WIN category on avocado to offer grand prizes and keep their employees motivated to strive to do better.

2. Powerful Brand Impression

When organizations promote employee generated content, it builds a strong first brand impression. It creates an authentic company profile with loyal and engaged employees and shows appreciation toward the organic content It tells stories of employees’ work culture and provides transparency to the public.

3. Company Content Library

With B2B on Avocado, organizations can build their very own company content library. It is cost effective in terms of marketing and content creation budgets. Employee generated content promotes a higher media value than curated content that also may consume a lot of time in the process.

4. Talent Attraction

While companies promote authentic work content that is generated by their employees, they share a scene of external transparency which automatically boosts a positive and valued organization whilst producing proof of what it is like to work with them as well. These practices can often attract and encourage individuals to apply for open job opportunities with the company.

Here is how Surge did it!

Like for any other organization, the benefits of the work feature applied to Surge global as well. The creativity and commitment portrayed by many employees exceeded expectations and brought out their hidden talents, too!

Surge Global carried out a successful WIN campaign on Avocado which at the end was set to reward its top-ranking employees with exciting prizes. This was incentive enough for its employees to get on the app to try out something different and have a little fun while also competing for prizes.

For Surge Global, the pictures uploaded by its employees were only at 0.01% rejection rate out of a total 652 pictures and videos.

By keeping constant contact with its employees, Surge was able to maintain a steady flow of content coming through over the course of the campaign. The graph shows the content which came in over the course of the campaign extracted from the Surge, partner dashboard on Avocado.

Avocado partners have individual backend dashboards allowing them to view all the pictures uploaded for them, the members, and analytics!

With Avocado, you can enable your employees to showcase their hidden talents and get discounts in return while also motivating them. Having access to a content library for your company will come in handy when creating a brand impression for your company and increasing engagement with your employees.

If you are interested in having a stand alone Avocado app just for you, keep reading.

Avocado’s White Label feature

As a customer-centric product, Avocado brings this latest feature, a service, where a partner has the ability to create an independent mobile application for its brand that provides its users/customers a platform to upload images only for them. Yes, it’s a whole new app for you — and it’s called the White Label feature.

The White Label feature makes the user and our partner experience much easier as most “WORK” partners on Avocado have a considerably large user base that uploads images for them on avocado. This application will do all that avocado does but under your brand name.

Here’s how the White Label app created for Avocado’s WORK partner Shorelight looks like.

The White Label feature will give you an app that’s exclusively for your and your users.

Our WORK partners can still choose to be on the Avocado app alongside our Cafe, Restaurant and Retail partners instead of choosing the standalone application.

So, if you are an organisation that is interested in what Avocado has to offer, head over to Avocado Deals — Content Driven Reward Platform.

Sign up as a partner or download the app to become a creator!

Sandra Speering

Community Manager
Sandra Speering is a Community Manager for Surge's User Generated Content platform Avocado. She specializes in partner management, sales and project management. While also completing her studies in digital marketing and business management, Sandra loves to spend her free time with her pets and watching non-fiction documentaries and movies.

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