Designing a self-navigatory experience


Lake Nona, Orlando is a 17-square-mile community, with designed neighbourhoods, world class facilities, diverse work spaces, recreational facilities and home to Medical City (a Sports & Performance District highlighted by USTA’s New Home of American Tennis.)

Lake Nona is one of the fastest growing communities in the US, with state-of-the-art technology and is the nation’s first Cisco Iconic Smart + Connected city. Located inside the Canvas Market at the Laureate Park Village Center, the Lake Nona Information Center acts as a central hub for residents, visitors and businesses to find out about what’s happening in the community. As Lake Nona grows, they wanted to encourage residents and visitors to explore and experience all of it with ease.


With data, marketing and technology capabilities, Surge’s team studied every aspect of existing visitor behaviour to help map out an ‘experience application’ that can guide users to navigate through Lake Nona. After understanding the needs and challenges users would face when using this application, extended expertise was brought in to build the proprietary software.


Surge imagined a self-navigated adventure that is as intuitive as it is immersive. Today, it makes the visitors’ and residents’ life convenient with guided tours, real time updates on events happening, directions to Lake Nona’s best restaurants–all in one place.

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