How we helped become the #01 resource in its niche
through content marketing and search engine optimization.

Simplebooks is an accounting firm offering online bookkeeping and accounting services to clients. The invoices and bills of the client can be uploaded to the cloud routinely.

They came to Surge with a challenge. Since Simplebooks was recently launched, acquiring customers were proving to be difficult. The main requirement to acquire customers for bookkeeping is trust. Bookkeeping involves receiving all financial transactions and details from the client. Clients prefer a stable and established business to outsource their bookkeeping. As a result, customers were reluctant to sign up for this service.

To fix this problem, we intended to create awareness around the brand and to place Simplebooks as a trusted authority for information on accounting services. We maximized on two marketing capabilities, content and search marketing.


Site Structure

The structure of the site is important. For an organization like Simplebooks where the foundation is built on trust, a good domain should be chosen to represent the brand.

The website of Simplebooks is a premium domain. Premium domains give visitors a sense of authority. To rank locally, the URL structure was based on the content category to help users, for example,

Keyword Research

One of the main services provided by Simplebooks is bookkeeping. The initial objective was to brand Simplebooks as a leading authority figure in bookkeeping by providing transparent content to guide visitors.

Using a keyword finder tool, we found that the keyword, “bookkeeping”, has a SEO difficulty of 49. It was a difficult keyword to rank and it would have been a waste of resources.

During the period of the campaign, incorporating market research and identifying trends, we found out that the startup ecosystem in Sri Lanka was growing rapidly. With the startup ecosystem expanding, new companies were being registered and set up. The companies would require bookkeeping as a service.

Every new startup needs to be registered with the Government to proceed activities. We researched the keyword, “company registration” and found it has a SEO difficulty of 23. While, it is easy to rank for this keyword, it was actively searched over 720 times. Instead of ranking for the keyword, “bookkeeping”, a secondary service was implemented as the main conversion point for website visitors.

We simulated a loss leader pricing, introducing company registration as a service below the market average. By establishing Simplebooks as the leading source of information for company registration in Sri Lanka, this would allow bookkeeping as a service to be advertised to the same target audience of registered startups. If an individual registers their business with Simplebooks, they would not have a hesitation signing up for bookkeeping or its other services. This would cover the lower price point of company registration.

Creating Content

In Sri Lanka, the leading authority for information according to Google for the keyword, “company registration” is the Registrar of Companies. The website provides information on registering a company, to a target audience of lawyers and government officials. The content included technical terms and provided outdated information.

We found out that there was a lack of information and content targeted towards a general audience. In order to establish Simplebooks as the leading authority in company registration, we crafted a blog article explaining the process in a concise format. The content was clear and transparent. The transparency of the article was used to build trust for the brand. The article included the pricing structure of registering a business individually and through Simplebooks.

A call to action was present at the end of the article, prompting visitors to contact the team of Simplebooks.

Building the Funnel

The funnel is simple. Using one service provided by Simplebooks, the visitors would be driven towards the rest.

The keyword-rich content was gradually gathering traffic. A goal value of $1 was assigned to the contact us page, as it was the highest converting page. After reading the article, the visitors visited the pricing page to get in touch with the Simplebook’s team.

Results has over 8,000 page views monthly with a total user count of 3,690. Out of the total user count, 77% were new visitors.

Each customer was assigned a lifetime value of $300. Using high performing content to drive the audience to the website, we generated 10 leads daily. This leads to over $900 of customer lifetime value generated daily.

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