Engagement Pricing

Our pricing has always been upfront and transparent.
However before we speak pricing, to get a better understanding start your journey here

Surge Index $2,500
Core Strategy $4,500
Digital Due Diligence $8,500
Project Resources $28.00/hour $35,700/year
Analytics Resources $26.00/hour $33,100/year
Creative Resources $27.00/hour $34,400/year
Content Resources $27.00/hour $34,400/year
Consulting Resources $100.00/hour     
Project Resources $41.00/hour $44,700/year
Analytics Resources $37.00/hour $40,300/year
Creative Resources $39.00/hour $42,500/year
Content Resources $39.00/hour $42,500/year
Consulting Resources $150.00/hour     
Project Resources $62.00/hour $59,800/year
Analytics Resources $55.00/hour $52,400/year
Creative Resources $58.00/hour $56,100/year
Content Resources $58.00/hour $56,100/year
Consulting Resources $250.00/hour     

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m unsure as to what I need, how do I get started?

We understand, and many people feel this way. If you’re just really getting started we recommend kicking off with a small project. Why don’t you schedule a call with one of our analysts to figure out the best way to grow your business.

How long does a short term engagement take?

Usually, short term engagements take anywhere from one to twelve weeks. We can understand and explain the timeline once we get a clear understanding of scope.

What are the payment commitments on running any engagement?

Short term engagements are billed in full prior the start of each engagement. Retainers have monthly commitments, while dedicated teams require annual subscriptions.

Do you charge media management fees on campaigns?

We charge media management fees on projects and retainers, we do not charge management fees on teams.>

How do I know what my media spend should be?

Before any campaign we recommend sitting down with one of our team either in person or video conference, to understand what the requirements are. Media management fees vary on short-term projects. Retainers charge a surcharge fee of 5% on spend once you hit your threshold.

How are Teams different than Retainers and Projects?

Teams are designed for businesses that want to increase the bandwidth of the organization through onboarding marketers and developers. A scope for the team can change over time to work with the evolving requirements of the organization, where as Retainers and Projects have a fixed scope.

What is my investment on time

To successfully deliver any engagement, we require time from the key stakeholders of your business. You should expect to dedicate a decent amount of time in the beginning to build out solid foundation. Generally, the intensity and requirement of time reduces and engagements progress. We recommend making sure there’s always a project sponsor and project manager in your business when tackling larger engagements

Are prices all inclusive? My website needs customizations, Hosting, SSL

The more complex a project is, pricing tends to change. The costs mentioned in the project section is an average based on marketing engagements carried out through the last 12 months, which may or may not represent your unique requirement.

What’s the difference between skill levels?

Every team member hired at Surge goes through an Internship training program. The graduates from that program move on to Level 1 (1-2 years experience), Level 2 (3-4 years), Level 3 (5+ years).

What happens if I need changes that go beyond the initial scope?

Once an engagement has begun, we may continue with a rescoping exercise to update requirements. Your project Manager will advise of any changes to timelines and costs associated.

For Teams, what if the work needs a specific resource for a small component? Do I still need to pay the full amount?

If the engagement is for a short period of time or a minor component we do not encourage implementing teams, a thoroughly scoped out project may be the best fit.

Which countries do you currently operate in?

Surge currently delivers services across the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Sri Lanka with team members across 4 different countries.

Will I be locked into a contract?

All contracts have a minimum 3 month engagement period, the engagement pricing may vary depending on the length of the engagement.

Why would I hire an agency over and in-house team? Aren’t agencies more expensive?

By hiring an agency, you get access to senior resources at scale that you may not be able to hire on your own. With a depth of experience solving multiple problems around the world, chances are an established agency can bring in a lot of extra value over hiring and training talent that may or may not stay in the business long-term. This also allows businesses to have access to resource that they may not need on an long term basis.

Do you have 24/7 support?

Our support lines are between 9:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays (GMT +5:30). Red Alerts are monitored 24/7