Full stack digital marketing services that scale & grow with your business.

The majority of the brands we work with fall under these pre-set pricing tiers.
If your problems are unique, feel free to reach out to understand what we can do for you.

Launch Stack


Per Session (Non-retainer)

A one-off digital audit & strategy session to take stock of where you are, define your goals and set systems to achieve those goals.

Digital Audit

Taking inventory of how you currently stand online. Understanding the systems in place, the actions taken to get where you are today and looking for opportunities to grow.

Market Research

The research utilized to understand audience data, time-spent online and competitor analysis including site-traffic and search data. Gathered in order to dictate ongoing digital strategy.

Tools & Process Review

We help to bring in structure your digital marketing campaigns and operations by helping you implement analytics & customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Buyer Persona Identification

Analyzing current business data to understand what an ideal customer looks like in terms of demographics, lifetime value (LTV) and behaviors to build an ideal audience segment. 

Strategy Outline

Building out an initial marketing strategy including an overall content, distribution and insight strategy based on market research and your ideal customer persona with KPIs in mind.

Campaign Outline

Work together with #TeamSurge to start your marketing activities by building out an outline and launch your very first digital marketing campaign with KPIs in mind.

Core Stack


Per Month, + Implementation & Ad Fees

A fully managed digital marketing ecosystem covering the basics of content, distribution, and insights designed for brands stepping into digital.

Content Writing

Creating content on a regular basis is the lifeblood of any inbound funnel. We help create ongoing consistent content designed for your target audience with the right KPIs.

Email Marketing

Help generate a lead list by setting up newsletters and content offers. Connect all email activities to your sales process to help convert opt-ins to customers.

Paid Media

Running paid media campaigns on multiple channels to the right target audience through Search, Display, and Video to improve the top of your marketing funnel.

HubSpot Management

As a HubSpot partner, all our services come with a version of HubSpot intact. We’ll help set up and manage your inbound marketing systems along the way.

Social Media Management

Create ongoing content on multiple platforms to engage with communities. that are relevant to your business. Build a social presence and monitor levels of engagement.

Search Engine Optimization

Audit your current online presence, help you get up to date. Implement best practices to keep you ranking at your best for the right audience all the time.

Keyword Research

Ongoing market research to help understand the type of content you should be writing and where there are opportunities to grab the attention of your ideal customers.

Conversion Optimization

Help monitor conversions on your funnel to make sure that you are optimizing from top to bottom by implementing analytics, tracking and common sense.

Growth Stack


Per Month, + Implementation & Ad Fees

A complete end-to-end process equipped with advanced workflows and powerful insights for focused brands looking to grow.

Content Offers

Build content which includes white-papers, videos and other deep content designed to drive opt-ins and generate traffic for inbound lead generation.

Advanced Paid Media

Paid media including content placements, influencers and high-value back-links designed to complement your marketing campaigns and generate results.

Sales Enablement

Help optimize your sales process by providing content, information, and tools necessary to help build and streamline your sales process to grow more efficiently.

Lead Nurturing Workflows

Building marketing automation systems in HubSpot to help nurture opt-ins and leads to becoming customers and champions of your brand through data-driven decisions.

Landing Pages

Building out landing pages, thank you pages, exit offers and other opt-in capture forms to make sure you convert more visitors and lose less traffic.

HubSpot Acceleration

Equipped with Professional HubSpot Marketing & Sales tools, we help optimize your entire experience by helping your business accelerate growth.