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Start with Digital Strategy

Surge Blueprint helps brands audit their digital footprint and activities, understand whether they are heading in the right direction, the quick wins that can boost their growth and lay out strategies to help maximise their ROI on digital spend.

Market Observation

Understand key drivers, market trends, and opportunities for growth.

User Personas

Identify users’ needs, motivations, and behaviors to target them effectively.

Lead Generation

Drive targeted leads, improve user flows, and increase conversion rate.

Competitor Analysis

Gain insights on players in the market from a digital point of view.


Leverage content gaps in competitors’ ads, websites, and social to stand out.

SEO Audit

Identify errors, prioritize fixes, and explore keyword opportunities.

Technical Audit

Determine the overall health of the website and identify quick fixes.


Analyze images used in competitors’ ads, websites, and social.

Paid Media Strategy

Implement strategies to identify, target, reach, and remarket to audiences.


Track progress and set priorities with key milestones.

Email & Communication

Identify customer touch points and connect with users at each stage.


Meet objectives with defined short-to-long term targets for quick wins.

Every digital strategy engagement at Surge begins with a survey involving all your key internal stakeholders. We use this information to drive a discussion to understand what your team thinks about your brand as well as key problems everyone faces and what the ideal outcomes are. This helps us lay the foundation for this exercise.

“Surge has come onboard and really helped us understand our market, the competitive landscape, and through that we have gotten clarity on our strategy and how we can take this business to the next level.”

Yvonne Balfour

Chief Marketing Officer, Ultimate Finance

“The strategy services delivered by Surge, through their Blueprints, have become an integral part of helping us understand how to choose and execute, digitally, on the projects we engage in.”

Mark Brown

VP Marketing, Shorelight Education

“They would push until their point was made and, often, it was valid and I benefited from their experience. I’d use them again in a heartbeat, my only hesitancy is that when people find out, we’ll have to wait in line.”

Ted Miller

Chief Executive Officer, PromptHealth

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Whether you need digital strategy, support or bandwidth, every engagement at Surge starts with a discovery call. Connect with one of our digital marketing specialists at a time that’s convenient to you.