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Which clients should I refer?

Businesses that are committed to embrace technology, change and grow digitally. We’ve worked over the years to develop a proprietary process that enables us to build a digital strategy and roadmap to drive profitable growth. This service is industry and region agnostic and is the kick-off point for our successful engagements.

Client opportunities can range from crafting digital strategy, incubating a seed-stage idea and building out a minimum viable product (MVP), or helping with resources for digital marketing efforts.

Do you offer whitelabel services?

We are a customer facing organization and invest heavily in our talent base to enable high quality client outcomes. Therefore, we do not white-label any service we provide. We take responsibility for the work we do and we stand by it!

We do collaborate with businesses to strategically divide larger more complex projects on a case by case basis.

What are your limitations?

We primarily work in English speaking markets. If it is a non-English speaking market it is ideal that the HQ and specifically the team who will work with us can converse in English.

Joint venture opportunities may or may not work out due to a myriad of reasons, we are not always at liberty to disclose conflicts of interest, but in those situations we will not continue the conversation in relation to the opportunity and will be clear with you on that.

Our starting budgets range from around $5000 USD and upward. Our rates are non-negotiable as they are very competitive and benchmarked globally in that regard.

And again we do not white-lable our services…

When is a good time to refer a client?

We’ve typically seen great success where clients are looking for new opportunities to grow their businesses and are keen to leverage digital strategy. They could be looking to kick off digital efforts or even scale existing ones. We work well with existing marketing functions whether internal or external to support scaling efforts.

We encourage you to qualify your potential clients on their needs prior to passing them over to us. This ensures maximum time efficiency in closing deals. Our Advocacy Management team can answer any of your questions to support your success.

Some indications for qualifying your prospects/contacts that can help you are below:

  • Lacking digital strategy
  • Challenged on growing/leveraging digital
  • Weak lead generation
  • Past digital attempts have been non-stellar
  • Hiring more team members is too expensive
  • Finding correct digital talent/skill sets is too tough
  • Speed of execution issues (skills/manpower)

What do you consider an opportunity?

Opportunities can range from incubating a seed-stage idea, helping with resource allocation for creative compensation strategies or financing for your startup.

Our level of engagement will depend on the opportunity, your business model, strategic alliances we could form as well as our internal capacity and capability at any given time.

Can I as a freelancer work with Surge?

Yes, a lot of freelancers refer work to Surge as it helps them expand into new areas of service and be incredibly efficient in what they focus on.

Our client relationships are typically multi-year and multi-capability which allows you to create a supplementary revenue stream while adding value to your most trusted customers.

Can I mark up the prices you have on the site?

No, our pricing is transparent and open to everyone on our website. Our services are priced competitively and organizations we work with typically save about 30%-50 as opposed to hiring internally or using local alternatives.

How do you make payments?

We issue wire transfers globally, and on a quarterly basis as long as your balance exceeds $500.

If not, we issue the payments at the end of our financial year (March 31st). Please note that wire transfer fees may change from country to country and our transfers will be net of such fees.

I still have questions

Get in touch by filling out the advocacy program form, every advocate we work with goes through a manual vetting process with our Advocacy Management team to protect the integrity of the brand and the work we do. This process is also an opportunity for you to see if you would like to work with us as we prefer to look at long term relationships.

When is a good time to refer a candidate?

Anytime is a good time, we’re growing rapidly and are constantly looking for best in class talent.

All referred candidates will go through our application process and must remain within the organization for a minimum of three months.

Am I the right fit for the advocacy program?

If you’re a marketing professional, agency or freelancer that has existing relationships with business leaders, decision makers, entrepreneurs and organizations, this program is for you!

We work together with you to help build your credibility, focus skill, and put you on the growth fast track while helping you generate supplementary revenue.

The advocacy program also works with special blogs, niche communities and other media organizations with readers in the marketing space.

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