Working at Surge

Since childhood you’ve been given problems to solve — problems with varying levels of risk and complexity. We believe that the muscle that solves these problems stick with us throughout life, from work to play.

At Surge, we use that same muscle to solve problems around the world for our clients to achieve their goals. Like any muscle, training, practice, and consistency lead the way to help us implement ideas, rethink strategy and drive growth.

Our values as creative problem-solvers

Cut the clutter

In Surge’s fast-paced environment where every member is working on their own deliverables, we focus on being adaptive, goal-oriented, and clear communicators.

Be transparent

Transparency is hard coded in Surge DNA. We don’t gatekeep — we share our skills and processes across the firm, giving everyone the best chance of success.

Keep learning

We value lifetime learners who self-learn and can adapt to newer problems because, at Surge, we believe problems rarely come with an instruction manual. 

Performance over rank

We prioritize and reward skills, consistency, and discipline over the years of service. Your work allocation depends on your willingness to take on responsibilities.

Greater than one

Our teams extend beyond Surge. It’s not us versus the client, but we work as one team with common goals — leveraging diverse expertise from both ends.

Question everything

We always encourage exchanging ideas and asking questions. Stay informed about challenges and understand how things work. For this, you got to ask questions.

Product engineering roles

Software engineering

Developing creative and functional products end-to-end from design through implementation using the right tools, frameworks, and languages.

Data, visualization & AI/ML

Leveraging data to understand patterns and logic, helping convert numbers into understandable and actionable data-driven insights.

User experience & design

Designing and executing solutions that cater to the client and customer using tools such as Adobe XD and Figma for optimized user experiences.

Product manager

Driving the execution of product lifecycle processes including market research, strategy, and documentation alongside internal and external teams.

Growth marketing roles

Paid media & analytics

Planning, implementing, and reporting on paid media campaigns using tools for SEO, PPC, CRO, data visualization, and social listening.

Content strategy & writing

Understanding user intent and a client’s business to help convert USPs into benefits that speak to the customer in the brand voice.

Creative design

Conceptualizing and designing or developing artworks, illustrations, and videos using software such as Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop.

Project manager

Working collaboratively across teams on technical and non-technical tasks to drive the functioning, upscaling, and completion of projects.

Interview process

We’ve built a simple and consistent 3 step process to evaluate whether Surge is the right fit for you and vice versa.


HR screens your CV and you will be shortlisted if you match the requirements


Shortlisted candidates will receive an assignment to help us understand your expertise


Your communication, problem-solving and technical skills will be assessed one-on-one


You will receive an email from HR within 3 to 4 days if you have gotten through


Easiest gateway into Surge’s team.

Software engineering

UI/UX design

Web development

Creative design

Performance marketing

Software engineering
UI/UX design
Web development
Creative design
Performance marketing
Software engineering
UI/UX design
Web development
Creative design
Performance marketing

We’re hiring

We’re constantly on the lookout for the right talent. If you think Surge is the next step in your career, explore our current openings and find the job role that fits you the best.