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Optimizing iOS App Performance: A Practical Guide to Big O Notation

Data structures and algorithms are fundamental theories in programming languages. As data structures, they include...

Hemal Swarnasiri

March 8, 2024


GitOps for Kuberenetes with ArgoCD

Prerequisites Before continuing in this article, you should have the following: GitOps GitOps is a...

Ushira Dineth

February 9, 2024


What can a Marketing Plan do for you?

For anyone, choosing to start a new business or a new marketing campaign can be...

Nirek Panditha

July 8, 2022


From zero programming experience to a Full Stack Developer

Hey folks, I’m Himath Perera, a full-stack software engineer at Surge Global – and here’s...

Himath Perera

May 24, 2022


How Email Marketing can help SMEs take off

How email marketing can help small medium enterprises take off As a small medium enterprise...

Deshan Mendis

May 9, 2022


The best online tools for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Being a small business owner in the middle of a pandemic is a difficult task....

Sasanka Meegamaarachchi

April 7, 2022


How Surge created over 650 pieces of content in a month

Did you know that by 2021, businesses have grown by 24% because they leveraged social...

Sandra Speering

January 4, 2022


How to optimize Hashtags for Instagram

Hashtags are one of the best ways to get discovered on Instagram. Did you know...

Zainab Hudha

October 15, 2021


Manage your Instagram feeds with User Generated Content

Introduction If you’re a marketer or a business owner, you may have heard, in more...

Sandra Speering

October 6, 2021


Marketing on TikTok: is it worth it?

TikTok popped out of nowhere into becoming one of the most downloaded apps of all...

Bhanujith Wijesinghe

October 4, 2021


Best Digital Marketing resources online to try in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has made everything “go digital”, including businesses. With an increasing demand for...

Tharushi Botheju

September 29, 2021


How to choose the right Digital Service partner for small to medium sized businesses

Finding digital partners you can build successful relationships with is, sometimes, next to impossible. In...

Geethal Fernanado

July 21, 2021


Use Gmail Ads before Google removes it in July 2021

Email has been one of the most important and effective ways of communicating with your...

bhanuka harischandra

March 4, 2021

Web Design

The biggest SEO opportunity in 2021

Google has continuously told us that one of their main goals has always been to...

bhanuka harischandra

February 6, 2021

EducationTechWeb Design

Setting up your payment gateway in Sri Lanka – A comprehensive guide (2020)

Despite what any FinTech Startup Founder, Bank CEO or highly produced commercial wants you to...

bhanuka harischandra

September 7, 2020


A guide to how we hire and grow talent

This blog post is an updated version of – “A few things before you join.”...

Malki Abeygunawardena

February 11, 2020


A guide to start digital marketing with Surge

Working with an agency can be a little scary. You’ve heard the stories of projects...

bhanuka harischandra

May 27, 2019


Surge signs with billion dollar private investment group

Thursday 31st of May: Local digital media-tech company Surge Global signed a deal with the...

bhanuka harischandra

June 13, 2018


Here’s why content is changing

You’re reading a blog post, which is a completely normal thing to do. It’s something...

bhanuka harischandra

February 19, 2018


A few things before you join

Great! So you want to join us. Our family, our cult, our bandwagon of misfits...

bhanuka harischandra

November 5, 2017

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