The anatomy of a digital marketing strategy

A behind-the-scenes look at what $100M companies do before going to market.


Bhanuka Harischandra

Founder/CGO Surge Global

What you’ll learn

Surge is a new breed of digital experts, powering strategy and implementation. Here’s what you’ll learn about how we approach growth marketing for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Understand current & ideal business states

Define objectives and discuss tried and tested go to market strategies from a few multi-million dollar brands that apply to your business in particular.


Breakdown the numbers: market & competitors

Conduct research and convert these data points into actionable insights to take a product to market, grow your customer base or increase revenue.


Put together a plan with resources & timelines

Tie long-term goals with feasibility, whether that’s in terms of resource allocation, timelines, or budgets — all specific to your business.


Prioritize goals, execute strategies & optimize

Identify quick wins that match KPIs and collaborate on changes based on new insights to optimize performance and find growth opportunities.

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We are creative problem-solvers

Surge started as a three-person team in a back room. Over the years we’ve grown in number — our business, team, and portfolio. Still, Surge’s spirit of creative problem-solving has stayed constant, just much bigger now.


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